Somebody Is Watching Us

Somebody Is Watching Us- Two young men, Alliocha and Bruno, have anonymous sex in a public bathroom and are prematurely separated when one loses his nerve. Bruno fears they’ve been watched. Later, the two men are reunited by chance in the same English as a Second Language class for new Canadian immigrants.  Alliocha, the young extraverted Russian, tries to provoke his potential partner, Bruno into having a relationship. But their lack of common language leads them on a truly unique journey into a 21st century Canadian cultural clash. Later, an unexpected event brings them together again and both men must confront their assumptions of each other.

2008/12 min/ Format Super 16

Written, Directed and Produced  Maxime Desmons

Produced by Stephanie Treloar & Damon D’Oliveira/Flimshow INC

DoP Colin Akoon

Editor Pamela Bayne

Costume Designer Anne Dixon

Score by Debashis Sinha

with Michael Young, Jonathan Muzlera, Lo Bil & Timothy Luginbuhl

Film Festivals selection-Melbourne Queer Film & Video Film Festival 09/Sydney L&G Film Festival 09/Torino G&L Film Festival 09/Toronto G&L Film Festival 09/Freiburg Gay men’s Film  Festival 09/Boston G&L Film Festival 09/Milan G&L Film Festival 09/Philadelphia G&L Film Festival 09/San Francisco G&L Film Festival 09

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